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2018 AGM Update

The Trust’s 30th AGM took place on 27th November at 6pm at the 7 Dials Club. New trustees Paul Fisher and Terry St.Clair were elected, together with Paul Velluet who has returned as trustee. Ben O…
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Town Crier News

Some of you may have seen recent articles in the daily papers that our Rent Ceremony town crier, Alan Myatt, was attacked by three youths who tried to steal his hat and wig when he was leaving an offi…
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2018 AGM

The Trust’s 2018 AGM will be held at 6pm on Tuesday 27 November at the 7 Dials Club, 42 Earlham Street WC2H 9LA. All members are welcome and the Trustees are pleased to invite them to drinks and…
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A Change at the Helm

It is time for a new era at the Covent Garden Area Trust. Alexander Nicoll, the Chairman since July 2011, resigned in February 2016 for personal reasons to pursue other interests and he has been repla…
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