CGAT Volunteers

Friends of Covent Garden Area Trust


Over the years, Covent Garden Area Trust has received the most wonderful help and support from volunteers – including university students, local residents and retired people – who have taken an interest in, and made invaluable contributions to, our work.

We are truly grateful to those who have given of their time and energy to support us and look forward to working with new volunteers in the future.


The Trust’s library, which contains an excellent selection of books about the history of Covent Garden, was built up thanks to the literary and local knowledge of some of our volunteers.

The Trust is happy to open its library to visitors for research purposes, or for mere curiosity. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.


A chance visitor to Covent Garden contacted the Trust to offer his services as a keen amateur photographer. An architect by trade, he produced brilliant photographs of the Piazza buildings and was encouraged to take a series of photos over a period of time. 

Completely by chance, his photographs were later used as supporting evidence when the Trust found itself being taken to arbitration in 1996.


If you feel that you’d like to gain some experience in an office environment, or have a skill you think would be useful to the Trust, please contact our office (details below). We welcome anyone studying, or with a background in, architecture, planning & heritage, finance or photography.

Covent Garden Area Trust 
20 Bedford Street

Tel: 0203 376 8422
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